Indian Telly Awards 2005   Apsara Awards 2006   Bharat Excellence Award 2016 & Indian Award for Excellence 2016
A gripping story of a lawyer named Siddhanth, who believes the world to be at his feet. His journey of redemption, his realization of the grey shades of life, his equations with the very people he defends and then turns against, in his bid to save his conscience. With a talent to twist cases around to suit his will, Siddhanth's world revolves around a web of lies, deceit, deaths and downfall, some of which is a result of his own doings of the past. For Siddhanth the means justify the end, as winning is his second identity. No case is too tough, the only criteria to accept a case being the one ray of hope against all odds, one hint of evidence that could overturn a case. Siddhanth is in search of the evasive truth, the truth that is a truth only if it can be proved, as is his firm belief.
Exhibition Excellence Award 2016