Guddan - Tumse Na Ho Payega
Produced by : Shoonya Square Productions Private Limited.
Directed by : Dharmendra Sharma.

Vikrant Goel has come to take a revenge from his best friend who he feels is responsible for the death of his child and beloved wife.
Negative Role in a TV show        
Produced by : BAG Films.
Directed by : Abhinav Singh Kashyap & Anil Senior.

A gripping story of a lawyer named Siddhanth, who believes the world to be at his feet. His journey of redemption, his realization of the grey shades of life, his equations with the very people he defends and then turns against, in his bid to save his conscience. With a talent to twist cases around to suit his will, Siddhanth's world revolves around a web of lies, deceit, downfall & deaths, some of which is a result of his own doings of the past. For Siddhanth, the means justify the end, as winning is his second identity. No case is too tough, the only criteria to accept a case being the one ray of hope against all odds or one hint of evidence that could overturn a case. "Truth is a truth only if it can be proved" is his firm belief.
Title Montage   Role of a Lawyer    
Thodi Si Zameen Thoda Sa Aasman
Produced by : Balaji Telefilms & Ugraya Entertainment.
Directed by : Santram Verma.

Sanjay Apte, a ferocious trade union leader and a son of old mill worker, who doesn't want the mill to be shut. Set in the heart of Mumbai in a middle class "Chawl", it is mostly occupied by the mill workers, who are out of job; a story full of hardships and tribulations of a common man's everyday life. He is looked up as a source of constant inspiration and driving force for the chawl people, who draw their strength and reason to live from his indomitable fighting spirit!
Role of a Trade Union Leader        
Vicky Ki Taxi
Produced by : Miditech.
Directed by : Punit Gandhi & Ashwini Choudhary.

An ordinary passenger - An extraordinary story. The story revolves around Vicky and his taxi 'Jaaneman'. Unusual stories unfold in the unique setting of a taxi with Taxi Driver Vicky, playing the part of a reluctant messiah. Vicky and his beloved Jaaneman, witness the problems, hopes & aspirations of their passengers. Vicky is touched by the stories his passengers recount – eventually forcing him to lend a helping hand. A definite story in every journey.
Role of a Taxi Driver        
Kya Hua Tera Vaada
Produced by : Balaji Telefilms.
Directed by : Ravindra Gautam, Partho Mitra & Muzammil Desai.

A story of Pradeep and Mona Singh, a young couple madly in love with each other. The wedge between the couple becomes pronounced when Pradeep starts an extra marital affair with Anushka, his old college friend with whom he had been in love, before agreeing to an arranged marriage with Mona. When the affair is revealed, Pradeep leaves Mona and moves in with Anushka, filing for divorce from Mona. Time makes Pradeep realize he did a big mistake by leaving his wife Mona. He decided to tell Anushka that he does not want to marry her anymore as he is just a fantasy for her.
Role of a Common Man - Part 1   Role of a Common Man - Part 2